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I enjoy creative storytelling through social media marketing, public relations, and writing. I'm always curious and eager to further expand my knowledge in the digital world and beyond. I'm a writer encompassing out of the box thinking with a demonstrated history of working with social media, communications, and journalism. I have a strong work ethic and am always looking for areas to improve on while capitalizing on my strengths. Staying aware of the latest trends and news is vital for the industry I am currently working on from entertainment to travel to fashion.


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Here is my latest project:

Mess Magazine Issue 12: Sustainable Conscious.


I believe that sustainability is the next thing in the global fashion movement. This issue features influencers, companies, fashion designers and individuals that support sustainability, as well as conscious consumerism.

Click on the photo to view the whole issue. 


My interviews: 

Company: STAIY team

Renowned photographers: Hilde van Mas, Rankin

Designer: Cynthia Abila

Ceos: Mariya Nurislamova - SCENTBIRD team, Jordana - from Fashion Innovation NYC, Rankin and Marco Antonio

Influencer/Author: Caroline Vazzana

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O c t 2 0 1 9- ongoing 

Contributor/Instagram Manager/PR Chair

Mess Magazine- Berlin, Germany- Remote 

  • Manage @MessMagazine account of 11k followers daily (edit, upload, design photos/feed)

  • Interview and write 3 to 4 articles a week. Interviews include CEOs, designers, photographers- from all over the world).

M a y  2 0 1 9- S e p t  2 0 1 9
Editorial intern/Fashion closet assistant 

Dujour Media- New York City 

  • Collaborated with Chief Editor for section topics and content approval -Assisted in fashion editing, creative direction, and on-set styling

  • Delivered and returned items from local designers and public relation firms

  • Researched and wrote articles about fashion shows, collections, and events

  • Reported on seasonal fashion trends


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